Solar Power Plant

Product Details:

  • Solar Power Plant
  • Provide stable and reliable power increase overall efficiency of electronic components.
  • Expert quality modules warranty for 25 years.
  • Tubular deep discharge batteries designed for long life.
  • Mounting frame with reasonably adjustable tilt angle which is expected to give additional 6 % increase in power output.
  • DC cables and junction boxes designed to minimized power loss.
  • High surge capability (up to 300%) for starting heavy load.
  • Galvanized steel structure designed by professional structure consultant is utilized for longitivity and robustness.
  • 1 KWp off-grid Solar power plant can generate approximately 5 units in normal sunny day.
  • Space require for installation of 1 KWp system is approximately 90- 100 sqfeet.
  • 100 KWp off-grid Solar Power Plant can reduce CO2 emission by 250 tons per year.

Features :

  • Single/Three phase pure Sine wave AC output
  • Hybrid system for uninteruppted power supply
  • Remote monitoring system
  • Roof top / ground mountable

Application Areas :

  • Rural Hamlets
  • Hospitals
  • Bungalows
  • Educational institutions
  • Govt. Offices
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Petrol pumps
  • Constrution Companies
  • Workshopes
  • R & D Labs
  • Water pumps
  • Community Centres
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